Monday, December 14, 2009

On 20 meter I worked SQ8MXR Peter from Lublin, Poland with SSB on 14185 KHz. With JT65A I worked RZ1OM -8db Serge from Arkhangelsk, Russia on 14076 KHz.

My JT65A signal on 20 meter was received by W4CQZ Jody from lakeland, Florida. My preparation for the coax cable is ready. The antenna is not yet arrived, so I must wait.


  1. Hallo Paul, dus in feite is een QSO met de USA mogelijk met de setup die je nu hebt. Niet gek. Jammer dat ik door de week niet veel tijd heb, had me ook wel wat meer willen toeleggen op JT65A. 73, Bas

  2. Hallo Bas, in principe wel dus. Het wel een verrassing om hem in mijn lijstje te zien.

  3. Hallo Paul, I read on Julian's blog that there was a 20m opening today so nice job working Lublin. I love working Poland. I guess that was with the 450. How are you getting along with it?
    73 and GE Adam

  4. Hello Adam, no, I don't use the FT-450, because I will use the rig only with my new antenna. For the pole wall brackets I need chemical anchor and they cannot be used with frost. Also the new antenna is not yet arrived. My neighbor will help me with that, he goes with holidays, and after him I'll go. It will be January before I can use my FT-450 and put up the antenna. So I still going strong with my FT817. 73 Paul


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