Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh boy

I was busy with coax and when I came from the ladder I cut my finger seriously. I could not stop the bleeding and couldn't get a bandage around the finger. I must pick up my daughter from school and from there straight to the general practitioner. While he was stitching the wound my daughter fainted and fell on the floor. Oh boy... I have to stop for a few days to go on with antenna work. Tomorrow I can pick up the FT-450.


  1. Hello Paul,

    Sorry to hear about about the injury. In hopes of providing a little humor to the situation.

    Ouch...looks nasty. Hope it heals quickly and the pain decreases soon. Also hope the daughter recovers too.

    You can delete this is you choose but,
    Here in the US....that would be:

    1. Sitting in the waiting room and filling out Insurance forms. (at least half an hour).

    2. Waiting to see the doctor. (at least another hour).

    3. An x-ray to be sure there's no broken bones.
    ($100) and another 1/2 hour of your time to insure you don't "sue the doctor".

    4. You get to see the doctor. (maybe two hours now and you're finger is just throbbing to no end)

    5. He "numbs" the injury site and gets a "suture" kit ready. You read a copy of "Field and Stream Magazine" while the doctor see's another patient.

    6. He returns and takes 10 minutes to stitch up the injury, he bills you for $300.

    7. They make sure you "pay" it before you're allowed to leave the clinic. (you sign another form)

    8. You're daughter is admitted overnight for observation. (just as a precaution)...and at a cost of another $300).

    9. You sign another legal document to insure that you pay another group of people to "read the x-ray". (another $100 bucks)

    10. You finally leave and the receptionist smiles and sez "have a nice day". It's nothing, makes an appointment for the following week to remove the stitches, and sez "you'll be fine now".

    ps....I'm sure I've exaggerated a little, but not much.

    John N8ZYA

  2. Hello Andre and John: thanks for reply on non-ham and non-issue injury. Daughter and me, had a big laugh this afternoon. What the hack, now we have pizza, easy and quick in the oven. Dutch health care is wonderful, John. There was no waiting room full of coughing people, the doctor could help me immediately, daughter get attention too including a glass of water, a nice bandage, and all is payed by the insurance. We can look at ER (medical sitcom) and I think USA hospitals are a nightmare. So a hectic place where a normal person get sick at once. Now I know why Obama wants to change the health care. Hi, I like your comment John. For a moment I forgot the pain... 73, Paul

  3. Sorry to hear about your injury Paul. I hope with that fat finger you don't find using the keyboard too hard. :)

  4. Hello Paul,

    I am REALLY sorry to hear about your finger. But I am glad you and your daughter were able to laugh about it afterwards over a pizza. I myself am terrified of ladders and even if someone else is going up them I get nervous. Perhaps you could ask a friend or neighbour to help next time and stand on the bottom of the ladder to support it. That's what I used to do for my Dad when he put up my airband antennas years ago.

    It must have been a nasty cut to need stitches. We are lucky to have such good health services in our countries aren't we.

    Bye for now and please tell us all about your FT450 on the blog as I am genuinely excited to hear about the new additions to your shack.

    Bye for now, 73 Adam

  5. Hello Julian, thanks for reply. I type left handed now and you don't see the difference. ;-)

  6. Hello Adam, I don't like hight too, but I have to do it myself. There was something very sharp with the ladder. I will be alright, and I hope to finish the antenna and new shack set up next week or so. I let you know about the rig. 73 Paul

  7. Hi Paul, I have a theory that every good amateur radio installation or motor vehicle repair will not work properly unless there is a blood sacrifice. That was a nasty one so you should get some cracking DX after that offering.

  8. Hello Steve, I hope the blood sacrifice wasn't for nothing. DX is very welcome. 73 Paul

  9. Hi Paul,

    Glad you're both doing well now. I worked on "heavy equipment" for about 10 years and was always getting stitched up and bruised on the job. Never lost much work over it but managed to drop a 150 ton truck on myself once. I thought that was going to be the end but was saved by three lug nuts on a wheel. It's much too long a story for e-mail but I got out of that line of work becuase I didn't think I'd live long enough to enjoy the money.

    I'm happy to hear about your health care in the Netherlands. I, like you, think it's something everyone should recieve without having to declare bankruptcy. It's a basic essential for happiness.

    Since you didn't delete the previous comment, I assume you're on the road to recovery.

    John N8ZYA


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