Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Linus explains

I thought with a Solar Flux of 79 and sunspot 28 there must be conditions. But nope. I worked RA3FO Nick from Dmitrov, Russia with BPSK125 on 20 meter.


  1. Must be nearly 30 years ago that I viewed this on american TV with my young son. Brings back memories. Just as beautiful.

    I would recommend Anglophones view "It's a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart. currently on U-tube sites.

    Bet you will be reaching for your handerchiefs at the end.

  2. Hi Dick, I will look for it on Youtube. I like that old stuff. 73 Paul

  3. Delightful video, Paul. Thanks for posting it. I had a quickk spin through 40M this evening: dead as a Do-Do. And even 20M was quiet this morning. Yet I get to the radio club with it rural location and lack of QRM and the bands are alive as I have never heard them before. They have a dipole about 5-6 meters high. Nothing fancy but boy oh boy does that quiet, rural location make a difference! My 817 really comes alive when I take it up there.

  4. Hello Adam, I think a dipole is a good antenna. And a quiet QTH does miracles. 73 Paul

  5. :0( I will have to watch this from home tomorrow. YouTube disabled here. Merry Christmas.

  6. Hi Steve, thank you, Merry Christmas for you too. 73 Paul


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