Thursday, December 17, 2009

First snow

Today the first snow for this season has fallen. In a great part of the Netherlands its snowing. Here at the coast we'll have to do with less. At the moment it is raining and freezing. So it's very slippery on the roads here. I'll have to take care when I get my daughter from school on the bike. There is nothing on the radio... despite a huge sunspot, but I can't hear a thing. So I watch the snow falling, and no, I don't count the snowflakes. In the Netherlands we choose the word of the year, and the new word is: ontvrienden. I don't have a translation because it's new. It means: deleting friends from social communities like Facebook or Twitter. When it is so easy to make friends that way... Maybe we'll have to define the meaning of friendship.


  1. Hallo Paul, dat ziet er goed uit, of slecht natuurlijk. Hier is ongeveer 10cm sneeuw gevallen en het gaat nog gewoon door met sneeuwen. Nog een beetje wind erbij en het word echt feest. 73, Bas

  2. I love the snow! I wish we had this much snow on the ground.


  3. Love snow hate the cold - Slight problem there, but hope to get out on the Welsh Hills with my camera, if and when we get snow here, as it makes ordinary photographs look special.

    Deleting friends does not sound nice but friends sometimes let you down, enemies on the other hand can always be relied upon.

    Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year to you and yours from me and mine.

    73 Steve GW7AAV

  4. I love pictures of snowy scenes, preferably viewed from somewhere warm and sunny.

    I guess if I was a wild animal, I'd be a dormouse, because winter weather makes me want to hibernate.

  5. Hallo Paul,

    Beautiful picture of the snow (presumably) in your garden. I spoke to PA1LS, Lothar in oudenbosch this morning and he said it was zero degrees there and he had had some snow.

    We rarely get it here in Torquay - too close to the sea.

    Be careful on the roads. Bet your kids love the snow!

    73 from England Adam

  6. Snowing like crazy in Auvergne region. Love it! But I'm not driving, hi.



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