Saturday, December 12, 2009

2,5 WATT

This morning I worked DL3UP Gerd from Pforzheim, Germany with 2,5 watt SSB on 40 meter. On photo his shack. I need a new antenna because I saw that the wire is slowly burning up. Yesterday I worked DL2CO Klaus from Buoch, Germany with 5 watt SSB on 40 meter.


  1. I don't know much about the Miracle Whip but I suspect power much over 5 watts could be damaging. I look forward to your on-the-air results with the new 450 and new antenna.

    A photo of your new operating position would also be nice to see.

    gl 73 de dick

  2. Hello Dick,
    The Miracle Whip can handle 10 watts. So I was surprised that the copper wire was black. The new antenna is not yet arrived, I hope next week, so I can go on with it. When the antenna is up I will make a photo for my blog. 73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul, Great to make a QSO on such low power. I am sorry to hear (and surprised) about the copper wire. Oh well, I take it the actual Miracle Whip itself is OK? That's the main thing.

    Like Dick I would love to see a picture of your shack with the 817 and 450 in it.

    I just had a thought, though I know very little of these matters: perhaps the blackened copper wire is not burning but corrosion from being outside for a while? Is that possible?

    73 for now, Adam

  4. I think Adam's right. I can't imagine any antenna wire burning up at 5W, even if you were using that very thin solenoid wire.

  5. Hello Adam,
    The Miracle Whip is OK, so far I can see it. And the part I saw was inside the house. (open feedline to the wire) so I don't think it's corrosion.

    Hello Julian, could it be the intensive transmission with PSK31?

    73 Paul


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