Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 meter

With I check if their are conditions on 10, 6 and 2 meter. I wonder if there are 10 meter openings. And, yes, there are conditions.

Could it be Sporadic-E caused by The Geminids Meteor Shower? Or the sunspot?
Tonight I worked OK7FL Vasek from Bolaslav, Czech Republic on 40 meter CW. On 6 meter (50.230) I was listening with JT6M for meteor scatter and I heard: K1WX 20.14 -10 G7HSN 20.17 -9 CT1FJ 20.19 -4 (CQ)


  1. When you listen on 10m, you can hear it is Geminids-enhanced Es. Stations getting louder suddenly and slowly fading away.

    In Asia they are working between HS and VK, also on 6m. That is caused by TEP.

    73, Aart PA3C

  2. Hallo Aart,
    bedankt voor je reactie. Ja, ik dacht het al, want normaal gezien zijn er nu niet zoveel condities op 10 meter.

  3. I had been WSPRing on 10m off and on throughout the day to try and detect some propagation and didn't hear a thing. I think WSPR transmissions are too long to detect Es openings. Something shorter is needed.

  4. Hello Julian, Maybe with JT65A you had more change? Or isn't there any JT65A activity on 10 meter?

  5. Hallo Paul, er was zeker propagatie op 10m. Ik heb me weer vermaakt ondanks het gemis van een goede antenne toch hele afstanden afgelegd. Het gebrek aan WSPR signalen kan ik niet veklaren, de mogelijkheden waren er wel degelijk. 73, Bas

  6. Hallo Paul, I didn't know the higher bands opened in the winter. I ought to keep my 817 switched on to 2M SSB calling frequency during the day just in case I hear anything. I have a nice colinear antenna up in the loft - roof would be better but the loft is a good start!

    Hope the soccer was good!

    73 Adam

  7. Hallo Bas, ja, die 10 meter band blijft toch een band met verrassingen. Ik hoop dat ik ook snel op deze band qrv kan zijn. 73 paul

  8. Hello Adam, well, the soccer game ended up in 4-4. The 10 meter band was open because of sporadic E by the Geminid Meteor showers today. And a little sunspot. The higher band can also be surprising in winter. In the early days I had a 2 meter HB9CV antenna on the loft and worked France with SSB. So it is possible. In the spring I will put up an antenna for 2 meter and 70 cm. On top of the roof (vertical) Years ago I could work a repeater in Dover with only a GP for 2 meter. 73 Paul


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