Thursday, November 12, 2009

This morning I was a bit tuning on 20 meter band. The CW part of 40 meter was very crowded, too much for me, because I do not have a CW filter, so I do hear 7 or 8 stations at the same time. I am going nuts. Again I heard ZL on 40 meter with a good signal. So I went to 20 meter. Conditions were not too good on 20 meter. Pretty empty space there. Gave a CQ call on 14.060 so now and then, and at 08.22 UTC I heard a station calling me. He was very weak, but finally I could pick up his signal from the noise, it was LZ1XL Minko from Novi Han, Bulgaria. On hour later I worked RW6HJF/3 Sergej from Russia. And thats all for today.


  1. Hi Paul. Why not use your computer as a CW filter? If you have CW Skimmer (which I think you mentioned this morning that you do) then you can feed the audio into that and listen to the output from the computer because CW Skimmer has an audio filter built in. I think there are other sound card programs that are just audio filters but I haven't looked for them.

    I have the CW filter in my FT-817 but it is not as sharp as the filtering in my K3.

  2. Hello Julian, it does? I must take a better look at CW Skimmer. But since this morning it wont work. I get a message: access violation blah blah... Do you know what that is? maybe I must reinstall the program. I can learn a lot from you. Thanks for all hints.

  3. Hi Paul, I got the same problem with CW skimmer. Tried it to be more active on CW (although I use it as a digital mode). The problem is that CW skimmer cannot be installed in Windows VISTA.
    Back to XP then? 73 Bas PE4BAS

  4. Hallo Bas, ik heb WinXP, maar wat het nou is weet ik niet. Ik werk soms met de electr. keyer, soms straight key, maar ook vaak EhoCW en Fldigi, en dat gaat prima. Als signaal te zacht wordt dan luister ik op het gehoor met de koptelefoon. Ik luister sowieso altijd op het gehoor mee. Maar het decoderen door de software is een mooi hulpmiddel. 90% van de CW verbindingen doe ik nu met Fldigi. 73 Paul


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