Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is a nice call sign. Don't you think so? This morning I had two QRP QSO's on 40 meter CW. First DF2SJ/QRP Egbert near Stutgart, Germany; he runs 5 watt. And DL7UYO Rudi from Berlin, Germany; he was running 10 watt. It's remarkable while there are no conditions and almost no stations on air, I could work two QRP stations.
With WSPR this afternoon I was spotted by PU1JTE from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 9856 km. This is the first time I've been spotted by a station from South America. With PSK-reporter: I spotted 37 countries in 2 days. New nice stations are EK5KE, Armenia; E4DR Palestine; and ER2RM Moldova.


  1. Hallo Paul, ik denk dat er wel condities zijn maar geen stations. Ik luisterde tussen de middag even naar 40m SSB, maar je hoort op een paar duitsers en engelsen na helemaal niets, ook geen storing.
    Op 20m hoorde ik Australië met 5/7 QSB (SSB).
    73 Bas PE4BAS

  2. Hallo Bas, ja, dat kan ook nog. Af en toe komen leuke signalen door. Gewoon blijven luisteren. 73 Paul PC4T


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