Friday, November 20, 2009

Sked on 80 meter

Tonight I had a sked with PE4BAS on 80 meter, first RTTY. I saw a weak RTTY on the planned frequency. After that we tried PSK31. At a certain moment Bas was 599 here. Very strong. Unfortunately he couldn't read my QRP signal. It was nice trying. Nobody else could pick up my signal (PSK-reporter) tonight, though this afternoon I was last heard on 80 meter by G6NQO with PSK31. We'll try another time, thanks Bas.
Before I go to sleep I went to 40 meter where I made 2 QSO's with PSK31 on 40 meter: ER5LL Igor from Comrat, Moldova and YT1DL/QRP Dusan from Lajkovac, Serbia.


  1. Sorry you were not able to get Bas to hear your signal, but glad you were able to receive his. If you couldn't resolve his RTTY signal but could later resolve his PSK signal, do you think PSK is the better of the two modes for QRP? Or do you think the reason was just conditions had changed? Would be interested to hear your comments.
    Bye from Torquay, Adam

  2. Hi Adam. I think PSK31 is definitely the better of the two modes for QRP. It has a 5dB advantage because it is narrower, for the same reason CW has an advantage over SSB. To get this advantage you may need to use a narrow filter or disable AGC otherwise a strong PSK signal within the passband could activate AGC forcing the weak one into the noise.

  3. Hello Paul, So unfortunate we couldn't make a complete QSO. I did use my smallest CW filter but I was not able to pull anything out of the noise. There was also a contest going on which produced a lot of strong signals on the band. This morning I wanted to download WSPR 2.0 but the website is inaccesible. I unfortenatly deleted the old one, so I'm without WSPR for the moment.

  4. Hello Bas, Adam and Julian, So far I can say that the PSK31 signal was definitely the best. The could see a weak RTTY signal, but unable to copy. My radiation angle is very high on 80 meter. Almost vertical. So there practical no ground wave, and with absorption, there will be nothing left. With WSPR my signal makes hops and therefore I can come a few hundred miles. Julian, thanks for your hint to put off the AGC, I never thought about the effect. Today its my sons birthday, 10 years old now. So we have a party today, no ham radio. Wish you all a nice weekend, 73 Paul


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