Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Return of the Leonids

I do not have equipment for Meteor scatter, but I think its interesting to make a contact by a ionization trail caused by a meteor. On this photo you see a fireball recorded this morning by G7IZU Live Spectrogram. On his website you find a lot information about meteor scatter. The meteor activity was high this morning caused by The Leonids meteor shower. This afternoon I worked IW2JRV Roberto from Como, Italy on 40 meter BPSK31. It was hard to make a QSO today.


  1. I am monitoring 50.230 on JT6M at the moment but have seen nothing after several hours. True, my antenna is only a dipole, but during the Perseids in August I saw lots of meteor pings and even completed a contact with someone in Holland.

  2. Hello Julian, I was also watching several frequencies hoping for a ping. You'll never know. The peak is already gone, but maybe tomorrow at dawn, if we are lucky. 73, Paul


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