Saturday, November 7, 2009

PSK31 on 40 meter at night

Tonight while I was sleeping, I let my rig run on 40 meter for PSK31 with PSK-reporter. I was curious what I could catch on 40 meter at night. And I was surprised this morning. 9 new countries! Since Tuesday 49 countries, not bad at all. CO6WYR Cuba; 4K6OF Azerbaijan; KD4JMI USA; 3V8ST Tunisia; FM5AA Martinique; KP4ED Puerto Rico; JR6EZE Japan; UK8FF Uzbekistan. Not bad for my Miracle Whip Antenna + 10 meter wire. Was it possible for me to work those stations? Thats the question. I must stay up all night to see what is possible. Have a nice weekend! 73 Paul


  1. My home-town has a large PR representation. When I look at the globe, NY to PR is actually DX. I've had several very nice QSOs with good PR hams. Of course, even greater DX for you.

    Never mentioned, my ex-sister-in-law is/was Dutch. A very nice lady. Natural blond, hi.

    My time in F land may be limited.

    73 de Dick

  2. Hello Paul,

    I continue to be amazed at this mode....Your use of QRP and such a small antenna just makes it that much better. Congratulations on a another job well done!

    I continue to think of my old "portable packet" system that I used to hike with years ago. And just casual reading about your PSK makes me think it's quite possible to run PSK with a small computer (EEPC) from a picnic table at a park in the mountains?

    I love CW (and consider it my most favored mode of communications) but you do such a great job with your set up there....I'm more than a little bit envious.

    You sure have a lot of fun with such a modest station! Again....great job!

  3. Hello Dick, in December last year I worked PR with SSB on 40 meter at night. It was a Dutchman so I could speak in Dutch. I do have a natural blond daughter and she is very lovely and beautiful. What can a father say... She will be in a few years a very nice Dutch lady. ;-) Have a good stay for the time being in France. 73, Paul

    Hello John, I am pretty amazed myself. Sometimes I can't belief it. Many years ago I had a beam on the roof, but I can't say it was much better then. PSK31 is very nice digital mode. It can be done with a laptop. I know someone who works PSK31 with a PDA. I like CW too. Most of the time I make CW and PSK31 QSO's. So now and then a SSB qso. 73, Paul


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