Sunday, November 8, 2009


Since October 29 I make sun activity stats, just for fun. To say in about two years: look, I made great DX while there were no sunspots. I think when the sunspots are back again and propagations are excellent, we tend to forget how bad it ever was. Just for the record.

My 5 watt signal was reported by T61AA from Kabul, Afghanistan on 20 meter. Also ZS6BIM from South Africa.

WA7KGX used 100 watt with WHIPSER. Huh? The definition of WSPR: The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions.

Maybe a mistake, I dunno, but No QRO on WSPR please...


  1. Well done on Afghanistan and South Africa on PSK. Tremendous!

    Keeping an eye on the propagation conditions is a great idea. I can tell it is a branch of the hobby you really like. It is interesting, isn't it. As you say, it will be interesting to lok back and see what contacts you made during this long, deep, solar trough.

  2. The whole point, I believe, about WSPR is QRP and QRPp experimentation. I hope it doesn't turn into a KW happy hunting ground. Like fishing with dynamite.

  3. Nice going Paul. It is great feeling to get so far on a few watts.
    I am interested to know what antenna(s) you are using.

  4. Hello Darwinuser, my antenna is very simple: a Miracle Whip indoors (on the back of the FT817) and I attached a wire to the MW 10 meters long which goes outside. That's all. 73, Paul

  5. I should have guessed! I Had a look at your YouTube channel :-)

    73 Andre', M0JEK

  6. Anonymous1/25/2010

    How do you know if a ham is using 100watts on a mode? Is the power part of the report?

  7. @Anonymous: Look at the last picture (click on it for a larger one) Indeed is the power part of the report. Look at the report of WA7KGX and you see power in dbm and Watts. 73 Paul


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