Friday, November 27, 2009

My first JT65A QSO

I was exited to make preparations for my first JT65A contact. After reading some info by Andy K3UK I tuned for JT65A frequency on 20 meter (14.076) I heard RK6BN/6 calling CQ. So I replied and we made a basic standard QSO. Yes! Though I was a bit nervous so I did the wrong procedure, sorry Alexander. After all we finished the QSO with a confirmation and 73.
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  1. Nice work! It does seem complicated to operate. I wonder if it has much advantage over say MFSK or Olivia types for long distance HF comms ?
    Andre' - M0JEK

  2. I wonder the same. The software is not very intuitive compared to other digital mode programs and I don't see the need for operating in time-slots under conditions when two stations can both hear each other anyway.

  3. Hello Andre and Julian, I am just a newcomer in the field. I will try Olivia also. Just playing around. I don't know, what is the best digital mode? 73 Paul

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  7. Sorry for the deletions - I got a bit excited by your first JT65A QSO!

    Anyway, well done! This is fantastic news as the mode is specifically designed for us QRPers who want to send our small signals a bit further afield.

    The instructions on the Bozo guide are still quite complicated and I am not a technically-minded person so I am bit fearful of the software. However, I have downladed the programme and have it up and running nicely on receive. I hope to give it a try tomorrow on 20M as 40M seems dead on JT65A tonight. As I say, transmitting looks quite complicated and it scares me a little!

    Please continue to report to us your adventures in this wonderful mode as it is fascinating stuff. Very well done on your first QSO. My sincere congratulations! Bye for now, Adam

  8. Anonymous11/27/2009

    Hello, The JT65a is a very robust mode, you can work VERY weak stations. It is not so complicated to start if you have a patient operator on the other end. The procedure can be learned in a few QSOs. One rule of thumb, answer on the same freq. as the calling stations, dont operate in a split mode. You take up to much space. Good luck.
    Halldor TF3HZ

  9. Hello Adam, indeed the Bozo guide looks quite complicated. But in the end I was successful to make a QSO. I will experiment with different digital modes, e.g. Olivia. There is also a WSPR QSO mode on WSJT7. It is quite easy, look at the end of the Boze Guide. Have a nice weekend. 73 Paul

    Hello Halldor, Thanks for the hints you give me. I think split makes it more complicated. I just will experiment different digital modes. 73, Paul


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