Friday, November 13, 2009

Low power challenge WSPR

I work for a few months with WSPR. In the beginning I want to be spotted as far as possible with my 5 watts. While we are in the lowest sunspot cycle, my signal dropped down at the other side of the world. ZL and VK. And I have been spotted in all continents. What when the sunspots are back again? 5 watts is relatively QRO for WSPR. The thrill and challenge is: drop down the power. See how far we can come with 500 milliwatt or maybe less. If you told me 30 years ago that is was possible to 'work' 2000 km with 0,5 watt on 80 meter, I would laugh. But yesterday I was spotted by CT1EKD on 80 meter 1849 km, and I was running 0,5 watt. I heard with WSPR last night on 40 meter T61AA, Afghanistan. With CW I worked last night YP1WFF (see photo) special call from Romania on 40 meter. This morning with PSK31 RN6HDX Lili (YL) 15 years old from Russia on 20 meter and with CW RN4AAD Roman from Russia a two-way QRP contact over 2891 km. Also E73W Ivica from Gradacac, Bosnia-Herzegovina and on 40 meter CW LZ1GL Krasi from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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