Monday, November 2, 2009


Thanks to Julian G4ILO for giving me a great hint for the Fldigi software for e.g. PSK31. You can do a lot more with Fldigi than with Winpsk. It has a fine log, so uploads in ADIF or Cabrillo format is possible. It can also be used for CW and many other modes. But... I let both programs run at the same time, and Winpsk can decode weaker signals better. Less errors in the text display. This morning I was looking for Dick N2UGB on 40 meter bit I didn't hear him. I worked on 40 m with PSK31 2EØAYQ Martin from Bromley, UK; he was running only 2 watts. Also worked DL6CMF Helmut from Calvoerde, Germany. On 20 meter this afternoon with PSK31 UA3PI and RZ3QM. Today my daughter [11] is at home, yesterday she and her horse both fell, and the horse fell on her. It was not necessary to stay in the hospital, but she has some injuries, crushed knee and a hemorrhage of her belly. So I have to take care of her. That's all for today. 73, Paul


  1. My gosh, I'm sorry to learn of your daughter's accident. Young girls and horses...a love affair. Glad she seems to be fairly ok considering the circumstances.

  2. Sorry about your daughter, but glad she's OK.

    I'm really surprised that you find WinPSK decodes weaker signals better than Fldigi. I have seen many comments to the opposite. When Simon Brown (HRD) went from PSK31 Deluxe to DM780 he switched from using the PSK Core DLL to the same code base as Fldigi and users in the HRD forums seemed to think it was an improvement.

    It certainly merits some further tests, though weak signal decoding is hampered here by the high noise levels.

  3. Evening Paul,

    Just off to the radio club and was checking the blogs when I read of your daughter's horse accident. I do hope she recovers well and that it didn't frighten her too much. My sister loves horses and I used to love going riding with her when I was younger. Her first horse began a lifetime love affair with animals as I'm sure it will with your daughter. Best wishes and hope you continue to enjoy Fldigi for your PSK decoding. 73 Adam

  4. Hello Dick, Julian and Adam, the little girl will survive... she was lucky, it could have been worse. The horse was on the loose and ran for miles back to the stable. The horse could be hit by a car of causes an accident. Fortunately, that didn't happen. I will try out Fldigi, it did work OK with CW tonight on 40 meter. It could be a good assistant with contesting, because of the log and transfer it into a cabrillo format. 73, Paul


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