Monday, November 30, 2009


Last night I participate for the last two hours of the CQWW CW Contest. First I started on 40 meter with my 5 watts QRP. I worked 24 stations and 15 DXCC countries in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Best DX was 4XØG Burt from Dor Beach, Israel (Photo) 3330 km. Then I went to 80 meters to see if I am lucky to work some stations there. Normally I can hardly work stations on 80 meters because of my insufficient antenna for that band. But I tried anyway. But... or conditions are splendid, or operators listen better to get some points, I don't know, but I worked for the last 45 minutes 7 stations, and 6 new DXCC countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, France, Italy and Lithuania LY7A (best DX 1284 km) So I was pretty amazed, because I can't work Dutch stations on 80 meter. I had worked England, Germany and Denmark before. Now I have 9 DXCC countries on 80 meters! (View my log)


  1. Paul, congratulations on a job well done. As I have said in the past....don't touch that antenna of yours.

    73 Dick

  2. Nice array of contatcs Paul. Well done. So that is where everyone was yesterday and Saturday. I thought SSB seemed very quiet, especially 40M.
    Only managed 2 PSK contacts over several hours on Saturday and Sunday evening! Hope you enjoyed the weekend and the contest.

  3. Hallo Paul, 31 QSO gemaakt in totaal dat is niet gek in zo een korte tijd met QRP vermogen. De laatste uren zijn de meeste stations erg gespitst op nog een aantal extra QSO's, dat merkte je wel. Op 80m niet met Nederland te werken is nog niet bewezen ;-) we gaan het nog een keer proberen in JT65A. Lijkt me een grote uitdaging, als het lukt vind ik dat een grotere prestatie dan met 5W Nieuw Zeeland werken. 73, Bas

  4. Hello Dick, I consider a MFJ Magnetic Loop next year on top of the roof. But I will keep my wonder antenna. ;-) 73 Paul

    Hello Adam, I had a wonderful weekend. We celebrate Sinterklaas (A Dutch phenomenon) with the family of the YL. I could only spend 2 hours of radio this weekend. 73, Paul

    Hallo Bas, ja, dat is de grote uitdaging. Dat ik Nederland op 80 moeilijk kan werken heeft toch te maken dat de grondgolf te veel wordt geabsorbeerd voor 167 km tussen onze stations in. De opstralingshoek is wel gunstig als er kennelijk condities zijn. 73 paul

  5. Good work on the contest. I did listen in for a little but did not compete.

    Yes ... I agree with Dick! For some strange unknown reason, I touched my antenna, that I have been using in 80 and 40 metres for some time ... now nothing works! :-( Must put all back!

    73 de Andre'

  6. Hello Andre, I tried several methods to make the antenna useful. When I made it end fed, then I have a miserable SWR. Now I fed the wire as a kind of windom on 1/3 of the line. Just trial and error. And so I found out the right characteristics of the antenna. Now the 10 wire gives a perfect SWR on 160-80--40--30--and 20 meter, it doesn't work on the higher HF bands. Also I search along time for the right place and length of my counterpoises, because the wire is in fact a vertical in horizontal position and need counterpoises. My antenna construction as it is now outperformed the Magnetic Loop indoors. 73, Paul


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