Saturday, November 28, 2009

Broadcast Stations 40 meter band

The CQ WW contest CW is going on. I don't feel like participating. Too crowded too fast. So I went SWL-ing. Since March this year no broadcast stations are allowed to broadcast below 7200 KHz. The section between 7100 and 7200 KHz belong to radio amateurs. But... still there are broadcast stations on our 40 meter band. I could receive the following broadcast stations:

  • China Radio International on 7110, 7165, and 7190 KHz.
  • Radio Byelirussia, Belarus on 7105 KHz, and
  • Emirates Media, United Arab Emirates on 7175 KHz.

This weekend is very busy with social activities... Monday morning I'll be on air again. I wish you all a nice weekend. 73 Paul


  1. Paul,

    This is such a problem, countries do not seem to care about radio amateurs and the fact that they should vacate the 40M band. On any given night you just need to tune around to find that there are still so many "strong" broadcast stations on 40M and from so many different countries.

    73 Steve, VR2XMQ

  2. Hello Steve, it's a pity they are QRM-ing amateur radio frequencies. I am afraid we can't do nothing about it. Thanks for visiting my blog, 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul,

    Nice blog, will drop by from time to time. May be meet you on one of the bands one day when his new solar cycle decides to begin, hi hi.

    73 Steve, VR2XMQ

  4. Hello Steve, thank you. Sure we do, when propagation goes up again next summer, I hope. Maybe on 15 or 10 meter. 73, Paul


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