Monday, November 23, 2009

An Intriguing Documentary

This morning I worked IK5DVT Mario from Pontassieve, Italy on 20 meter CW. Also F6HFX Jean from Labouheyre, France. With PSK31 I worked ISØYHV Antonio from Uta, Sardinia Island.

The Intriguing Documentary I talk about is Space Hackers. Maybe you are familiar with it. If not, you can watch the movie here. >>> Space Hackers <<< I cut the film in pieces because of the length of the original movie. There is a change when they discover the movie on Youtube, it has to be removed because of violation of copyright infringement. The film is about: Two young Italian amateur radio enthusiasts eaves-dropped on top secret space transmissions and in doing so lifted the lid on the race to space. The brothers Achille and Giovanbattista Judica-Cordiglia had their passions ignited by tuning into Sputnik 1 in 1957. They were also keen home movie buffs and captured their exploits on film. With home built equipment they monitored both the Soviets and the Americans as they explored space. Their activities did anger authorities behind the Iron Curtain. At one time Radio Moscow branded the pair as ‘space gangsters’ after they exposed failures of early space flights.


  1. Just finished viewing the video. Absolutely fantastic. They should be awarded a medal by the international community.

    I was a new Air Force radioman at the time of Sputnik. I recall seeing Sputnik pass overhead before dawn that first day. Had no idea what it was. Later we set up antennas and receivers to monitor it's orbits.

    Thanks for uploading this great documentary.

  2. Hello Dick, your welcome. I was a long time searching for this film. An another Youtube version was already removed. Finally I found it on a Torrent site. I like the documentary very much. I uploaded the film to Youtube under a Dutch name. I received my first warning email from Youtube. I don't know how long it will last there. We'll see.
    73 Paul

  3. Hallo Paul, heb de documentaire globaal bekeken. Wat een avontuur hebben die mannen destijds gehad.
    Jammer dat youtube zo kinderachtig doet, heb het ook al eens ondervonden. Er zijn gelukkig ook nog andere video sites. 73, Bas

  4. Morning Paul, that video sounds good. I will come back online later and maybe watch it when I have more time. I have to fly now and go to the doctor. By the way, I couldn't find where on Google the language is "spoken" to help you pronounce unfamiliar words........ 73 for now, Adam

  5. Hello Bas, indeed, when Youtube don't allow the film, I find an another solution. 73 Paul

    Hello Adam, nothing serious, I hope. Here is a link to Google Translation with an example.|en|aardappel
    73 Paul

  6. I listend to a BBC radio play some months ago about the chaps. It was very interesting. It was interesting how they worked out the frequncies to use. In some cases looking at photographs of antenna and then working out the wavelength.
    I must see if I can grab that movie.

    73 de Andre


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