Thursday, November 26, 2009


On 30 meter I worked 3V3S from Hamman Sousse, Tunisia with CW. At dawn I heard many SSB stations from the USA on 40 meter.

With PSK31 on 30 meter I worked IY1Y Special Event Station from Italy and EB3JT Jordi from Vilafranca, Spain.


  1. Hi Paul.
    I worked them with my 5w SSB on 17m today and that gave me a new DXCC!


  2. I have not had much in the way of North African contacts, though I listen for the prefixes. I would love to have a QSO to Tunisia, Morocco, Libya or Egypt. There doesn't seem to be a lot of HAM activity in that part of the world. Anyway well done Paul and Mads for getting into Tunisia today! Very nice catches!

  3. Hello Mads, funny we worked the same station at the same day. I had already Tunisia, so it was no DXCC for me. ;-) 73 Paul

    Hello Adam, If you look to PSK reporter you can see that there are very few stations in Africa or South America. Most amateurs are in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. 73 Paul


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