Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 years old!

Today my son Jelle became 10 years old. Now he's a real teenager. His big wish was te get a WII. Now he got one, so he can play tennis whole day long. You can see my shack in the corner of the living room. My daughter isn't lucky: now she is ill and does have fever. Hopefully no swine flu. Have a nice weekend! 73 Paul


  1. Wow, your shack is even smaller than mine! Sorry about your daughter - I hope she gets well soon.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son amd so sorry your daughter is not well. Hopefully it is just a cold and she will be OK again soon. She has had a rough time of it lately, hasn't she. Those WII's really keep you fit!

    Nice to see your shack. Good use of a small space. I bet that small area of the room gets a lot of use.

    Very, very wet and windy hear today. Awful weather really. Can't get outside at all. I have been reading and watching aircraft landing and taking off on "YouTube"! 73 Adam

  3. Sorry to learn of your daughter's illness. With her recent accident her resistance may be low so be watchful.

    Been reading of the storms in the UK, hope you folks manage it ok.

    73 Dick

  4. Hello Julian: I do more with less. My daughter is already a little bit better. It's no swine flu...

    Hello Adam, I do a lot with that small place. But I do have a concurrent. The WII. The bad weather at your place is now here today. Wind and rain. Good to stay home. Daughters fever is gone... she is feeling better now.

    Hello Dick: I think your right. She needs time to recover fully.

    73 to you all. Have a nice Sunday. Paul


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