Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This morning I worked RL3KQ Gena from Voronezh, Russia [photo] with CW on 20 meter. Also worked YU7SAD Dada from Novi Sad, Serbia. Last night I was WSPR-ing on 40 meter, best DX was VK6POP.

I was reported earlier by VK6POP, but now for the first time I received him too.


  1. Hallo Paul, het zegt wel weer wat over de condities. Het is toch haast niet voor te stellen dat je QRP signaal in Australië doorkomt en andersom. In feite heb je een volledige verbinding gemaakt.

  2. Evening Paul,

    Amazing! I can understand huge antenna farms in the Pacific receiving your signal. But for you to receive their signal - that is an incredible thing! It also means when 2-way WSPRing becomes possible, you could have a QSO into Australia on QRPp power levels at one of the deepest troughs in the solar cycle for 100 years! My sincere congratulations. I know I would have been dancing in my shack if I had received VK!!
    73 Adam


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