Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SSB Tuesday

This morning I worked EG7NL Claudio from Almeria, Spain with SSB. He was one of the few stations I heard on 20 meter. I got a 59 report. Not bad from the South of Spain. Another Dutch station after me got a 57 report. So I trust his 59. Hi. Back to 40 meter SSB I called DL2KBY/P Werner from the German/Austrian border with a 59. We had a nice QSO. I checked both bands for CW stations, and heard not that much, so I am still convinced that I can work SSB with the same success as CW or PSK31. Maybe CW and PSK31 are slightly better. Werner was running 100 watt into a long wire. I got a 55 report from Werner. In the afternoon I worked with SSB on 40 meter SP3VBF Michal from Chodziez, and I admire his patience for picking my signal out of the QSB, in the peak 55. Also worked DL3CH Werner from Erlangen near Munich, Germany.


  1. Afternoon Paul,

    Yep, a lot of people lead you to believe QRP with SSB is next to impossible, but with a half-decent antenna and OK propagation I think simple stations like yours and mine prove that not only is it possible, but it is also great fun!

    I now have the use of M0BHJ's antenna analyser and am in the process of tuning up the End Fedz. Like you I prefer 40M. There are too many "DX chasers" calling CQ Asia & Pacific or CQ Stateside on 20M for my liking. That is why I went for the 66' long radiator - it gives slightly better gain on 40M and a wider bandwidth than the standard EF10/20/40. Bye for now, Adam

  2. Hello Adam, well, with SSB I worked the most DXCC countries. And that's a fact. Good luck with tuning up your PAR antenna. I am really curious what it does on 40 meter. 73, Paul


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