Monday, October 26, 2009

Silent again

After a busy weekend on the HF bands, now it's quiet. I was listing on the cw part of 20 meter this morning. I heard a JA1 station very clear, he was working SI9AM from Sweden which I worked after him. I heard I5OWT Piero from Lucca, Italy calling CQ with 15 wpm on 20 meter. We had a nice qso and he had a Ten Tec Transceiver with 20 watt output. On photo his antenna, which is much better than mine.


  1. Hallo Paul, Yeah the bands are really quiet again. Sometimes that can make you think conditions are bad when they are not. It's a shame it takes a contest to get the bands busy. I think I heard it correctly when this morning I heard M6PCI say he was working the USA this weekend. Unlikely on 10 watts. I come across a lot of wild claims from M3s and M6s! 73 for now, Adam

  2. Hello Adam, It's always good to check the band out. If we don't transmit, we wont be heard. Even when the bands are silent, call and see what happens. The solar flux is up to 76. And that means that conditions are going up. 10 watts should be enough to work USA. Maybe on 10 meter with a good antenna. Or 15 meter. Low power DX is possible on the higher bands when propagation is good. 73, Paul


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