Thursday, October 29, 2009

PSK reporter

I found this website: psk reporter. Now when I am calling CQ without success, I can check this website if anyone reported me. And yes, I was reported. Only the last 24 hours is visible. But never mind, it's a nice tool. I couldn't make a successful contact on 20 meter, but my CQ call was reported in Portugal and Spain. Other reports:

On 40 meter PSK31 I had more success: OT4B, F6EAO/P and ON3WP/QRP 5 watt. This afternoon I had a qso with MØKGV/P Clive from Highworth, England on 40 meter SSB with a very strong signal 59++. He gave me a 59+ also.

With WSPR on 20 meter I was reported by DP1POL Felix from Atka Bay, Antarctica; 13.749 km. Also EA8BVP from Canary Islands. That makes a total of 33 DXCC countries on WSPR.


  1. Evening Paul,

    The PSK reporter is a good site, isn't it. I have used it after an evening's PSKing before and was surprised to see stations receive me that did not respond to my CQ call. Helps to show you that your signal is indeed getting out.

    Well done on the Antarctica WSPR. Isn't that the second time that part of the world has heard you?

    Just about to go noto 2M for the weekly radio net! 73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, it is indeed a bit strange that they hear my cq call but not respond. Yes, its my second Antarctica station. I was listing this morning on 2 meter, I can reach from my home 3 repeaters in the area. But I heard nothing. Have a nice evening. 73 Paul


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