Friday, October 16, 2009

Pile Up

The 2 meter band seems to be abandoned. No signals at all. Even the repeaters are silent. When there is any activity then it is on a repeater used by mobile stations to or from work to home. OK, my antenna isn't great for VHF but I can work stations for 30 km. So, for any contact I am designated to HF. But boy oh boy, conditions are poor, and a lack of sunspots. The XYL is at work and the kids are at school. help, I want to speak with anybody, neighbors are at work too, family is always busy with their own thing. OK I try 20 meter. A bunch of noise comes through my speaker. But what the hack... a pile up, and another one. Many stations are crawling over each other, shouting, tuning and whistling on that same frequency. I was pondering. Why don't they spread all over the band? Are ham radio amateurs only watching for DX? When I call CQ it's in vain. Nobody is there. My signal is too weak from my QRP station? Maybe. But the only station I heard and who was calling CQ was EW8A and I was 59+ in Belarus. So nothing wrong with my signal. I think many (European) stations are not interested in other European stations or a station from the Netherlands. They worked probably thousands of them. Or they are lazy to pick up a weak station from the noise. Only listening for the super DX. Was that the reason for me to stop ham radio after 10 years of QRV? I was fed up with ham radio. I listen sometimes on 80 meter, but that is the ragchew band. I cannot talk for a hour about a coil, or whatever. Boring. That is not my piece of cake. And my English is not good enough to regchew, so a normal qso is long enough. Conclusion: there are enough ham radio amateurs on 20 meter, but they must spread on the band and they should be willing to work each other. Otherwise the band could be shortened to 2 times 3,5 KHz.

OK, I stop complaining. I don't wanna be a grumpy old man. I am very happy with my QRP contacts and semi-stealth antennas. I love ham radio in the way I do. And certainly I love the contacts I have on the Internet. Hi.


  1. Paul, give me time, a little more time, perhaps 10 days. If 20 meters is a good band from NL to south F then we will QSO frequently, cw of course. About 14.060 +/-.

    I agree about crowding dozens of stations into 14.005 to 14.025 Mhz. Ridiculous! LOTS of USA hams above 14.025! Many OTs like me.

    73 Dick

  2. Hello Dick, I looking forward to that moment I could pick you up from the bands noise. But the last few weeks its horrible silent at 14.060 73, Paul

  3. Hallo Paul, ik begrijp wat je bedoelt. Ik heb ook wel eens een hele dag zitten roepen en niks gewerkt. Soms zelfs wel eens een week helemaal niets kunnen werken. Dan ga je echt twijfelen aan je systeem waar dan toch niets mis mee is uiteindelijk. Wat dat betreft vind ik PSK een uitkomst, daar wordt bijna altijd wel gereageerd op je signaal. Maar PSK is wel een stuk minder persoonlijk dan CW of SSB. Succes met het proberen...73 Bas

  4. Hallo Bas, ja, dat klopt. Ik zeg ook wel eens: ik ben blij dat ik nog PSK31 heb. Dan kan ik nog wat doen op HF. 73, Paul

  5. Morgen Paul,

    I agree with you: I think a lot of European stations simply can't be bothered to speak to a weak M6 in the UK. They all seem to be chasing DX. They pile-up on a station in 20M and the rest of the band is silent. On 20M, like yourself, I know my signal is getting out well because I answer CQ calls and get 58 and 59s. But if I call CQ I never get a reply lately.

    I too am struggling on 40M the past couple of days. I thought it was my new Par antenna that wasn't performing too well, but from what I hear from PD1DTH and yourself conditions are poor.

    I personally am quite glad to see the back of the 80M band with the dismantling of my longwire. I never went on it much and, like yourself, I am not inclined to want to talk about a coil for an hour!!

    Personally, I have decided that perhaps another hobby might be a good idea for times when the radio is poor or for times when I simply do not feel like the radio. Perhaps you could spend one hour a day transferring all your logs onto VQ Log if you like the program. Then by the end of the winter your log would be an ADIF file you could move where you wanted. It is fun analzying all your contacts for what band you get the best distance on etc

    Anyway, enough from me. Wel done with EW - that's a great contact. Let the big guns get on with their pile-ups and DX and QRO. Like you, I am a simple, low-profile, low-power station and I am sure when we get a contact we enjoy it and remember it. Listen to those big gun stations and do they sound as if they are having a good time? Not to me they don't. They sound stressed and angry, and if that is what QRO can bring you, then let's forget it and stick to our QRP!

    Best 73 and good weekend. Adam

  6. Hello Adam, yes, your right. It's good to have more than one hobby. I like making photo's and filming. I do have more websites on the internet to work on. I like reading too, though I do not have enough time, hi. Have a nice weekend, 73, Paul


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