Monday, October 19, 2009

On photo 4O8A Bosko from Kotor, Montenegro, which I worked with CW on 20 meter this morning. Also YT3AA Zivota from Cicevac, Serbia. With PSK31 on 40 meter G4FQW Brian from Accrington, UK; and on 30 meter S59F Ivo from Nova Gorica, Slovenia.


  1. Morning Paul,

    Wet and grey here today!

    Glad you are able to get on the radio mornings and evenings. I am constantly surprised by how well your Miracle Whip Wire performs. I think it far out-performs my longwire. How high off the ground is it?

    My problem is height: I can only run from my shack (about 7M high) downwards to the garden fence. I would like to run more horizontally but there is nothing to support the other end.

    73 for now, Adam

  2. Hello Adam, No complaints about the weather today. Sunny and chilly, 7C. But the rain and wind at your location is coming this way.

    The clip on wire is only 6 meters up. And about 10 meter long. I do have two counterpoises at the ground of my FT817. One is 4,7 meter long and the other is about the same length but tunable.

    I don't feel the need to have an another antenna really. We have to keep in mind that we are in the lowest sunspot cycle ever. When we'll have more sunspots and conditions are improving I can work much more with this antenna.

    Maybe I will have a EH antenna for 80 meters, because I do not have space for a 40 meter longwire. I explore the higher bands many years ago. Now I feel more for the lower bands. Since one year I am qrv on 40 meter which I like very much.
    Bye for now, 73 Paul

  3. Thanks for explaining your antenna in detail. I like 40M too. It seems quite a friendly band - not too much in the way of "59, QRZ" like you get on 20M especially.

    I just spoke to a lighthouse in Belgium and he told me it was sunny but cold in the low countries this morning. He had 0°C

    Bye for now, from Adam


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