Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kristiansund, Norway. Tonight I was running WSPR on 80 meter for 2 cycles of 4 minutes transmission. DX: LA2XPA 1215 km. Average distance on 80 meter: 552 km. One cycle on 30 meter, average distance: 4632 km. DX: W1XP.


  1. Morgen Paul, Kristiansund looks a beautiful place. Those wide open spaces really appeal to me in Scandinavia. I have not run WSPR for a while. It is a great way of getting your signal to go MUCH further isn't it. Glad you enjoyed the trip to the South. We had rain much of yesterday and we have rain forecast for the first part of the week, so not so nice for walking. 73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, we had great weather yesterday. Sunshine and good temperatures. Now we have overcast and probably rain in the afternoon. Well, since the sunspots left us is digital mode the only way to make some distance. I tried PSK31 on 80 meter last night, but I couldn't make a QSO. 73, Paul


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