Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kazakhstan with PSK31

Last night I worked UN1L Gennady from Rudny, Kazakhstan on 40 meter, 3836 km. [screen photo] Also worked UA3SLN Dmitry from Ryazhsk, Russia. With CW on 40 meter: LZ44WFF a contest club from Karlovo, Bulgaria.


  1. Morning Paul,

    Sorry I have not checked in for a day or two. Been out & about and away from the shack. Congrats on UN1L. Kazakhstan is an amazing DX. I liked the PSK video too. Glad you have been having some good contacts. I did a spot of PSK last night - no great DX but some interesting stations.

    Worked Estonia just now so I know my Par is working to the ENE. I heard a sloping dipole is omni-directional but slight advantage in the direction of the slope, and that does indeed seem to be my experience.

    Hopefully getting my Par tuned for 40M tomorrow or Tuesday.

    73 for now, Adam

  2. Hello Adam, I worked UN1L before. It is the second time. I think my antenna is also omni-directional. It hangs in west-east, so it should radiate maximum in north and south direction. But to the west and east is no problem too. Did you tune the PAR with a antenna tuner? 73, Paul

  3. Hallo Paul,

    Interesting your wire is omni-directional. Perhaps at the heights wer are talking of they are not so strictly directional????

    No, you can not use a tuner on the Par End Fedz - something to do with burning out the matchbox. You have to cut them precisely for the 20M and 40M bands. So for the first time since buying the 703 the ATU is in the "off" position. Seems strange that way. 73 Adam


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