Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First I thought, I will make a qso with cw on 20 meter. I heard some stations, but I was not successful. They didn't hear me. Suddenly I heard on 14.058 probably qrp stations working. Though very weak. Suddenly I could copy 'my name is Dick' but the signal went down after this. I believed I heard SP5ANY [?] station on the frequency. Now I thought I hear maybe N2UGB Dick on 20 meter and we can make finally the qso we are waiting for. I went to 14.070 for PSK31 hoping for more luck. And yes, there were a lot of stations active. I worked: UA3PI Vladimir from Tula, Russia; HA1ZW Josef from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary; IK5FKB Adelio from Arezzo, Italy; LY1NM Nick from Vilnius, Lithuania; and RN3DFN Ilya Dubna, Russia. On 20 meter (14.010) I heard a SSB station calling CQ DX on the wrong part of the band. It was YL2DZ. [listen to audio clip] Today it's a rainy day. Weather for staying at home. This afternoon I had a two way QRP CW qso on 40 meter with HE8DAX/QRP Fred, he runs 5 watt into a dipole antenna.


  1. Sorry Paul but it wasn't me...darn it. I am still QRT here but give me a couple more weeks and the new QTH will be more promising...I hope. Maybe get lucky and a remember them...might follow me down.

    73 Dick N2UGB(the other Dick)

  2. Hello Dick, we'll have to wait for that moment. 73, Paul

  3. Evening Paul,

    Yeah 20M has been lively today. Well done on all the PSK QSOs. It is 1930UT and I am trying to get into Southern Spain on 20M. There is a lot of QSB however and the QRO stations are always one step ahead of me! Wet, cold and grey here today. 10C outside. Can't wait to have 40M back! 73 Adam

  4. Hello Adam, I hope you worked Spain. The QRO guys (35-50 watt with PSK) are a little bit stronger but no more then 12 db on your 'S meter' Hi.
    73, Paul


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