Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sometimes I try to work DX, though it is not easy with QRP. I avoid too big pile ups. But it is not always busy. I use and make a filter for e.g. 20 meter CW. It very useful because I know which dx station is calling. And sometimes I try my luck and it works. On the photo you can see that I reported OY2J, I will not be childish even when he refuses to work EU. I will help other hams outside Europe, that he is calling. I wont bother him with a call. I respect his outside Europe call. What should you do? UA4NFQ Boris from Kirov, Russia was willing to work me. With PSK31 on 20 meter. 2914 km, so not bad. Even while the solar flux is 82, conditions are poor on 20 meter. 40 meter sounds alright. I read that Dick N2UGB is QRV on 20 meter, so I will check out 14.060 KHz to see if I can hear or work him.


  1. Hallo Paul, ik respecteer altijd een CQ DX of een CQ outside Europe call. In zijn plaats zou ik het ook fijn vinden als die eeuwige Italianen hun mond houden als je eens een keer met een ander land wil praten buiten Europa. Maar ja, er zijn soms amateurs die geen engels (willen) verstaan. 73 Bas PE4BAS

  2. If someone calls CQ DX outside Europe I won't call them. But personally I will never call CQ DX myself because I feel it is a little insulting to suggest that someone isn't worth working just because they aren't so far away.

    I always feel that if someone has taken the trouble to call a station, the least they deserve is a courteous reply. In the past I called stations that had sent many CQ DX calls with no reply. I thought they might appreciate a quick report and to know that their signal is OK, in case they were wondering if there was something the matter and that was why they were getting no replies. But I have received rudeness, heavy sarcasm about England being in Europe, etc.

    It's a major reason why I am rather anti the whole DX thing these days. It's only a hobby. Surely getting another Stateside station in the log is not so vitally important that you can't give a quick and courteous reply to a non-DX station who calls?

  3. When a station is calling "CQ outside Europe" and doesn't get any answers I think it is ok to try to work him. I have never been yelled at for doing this.

  4. Hello Mads, I agree with you, in the situation you describe, I do give a call sometimes, hoping that I don't bother a fine DX at that moment. ;-) 73 Paul


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