Thursday, October 1, 2009


The first time I read something about APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) was on the web site of Julian, G4ILO. I found on the Internet (Twitter) that Google Maps can show positions radio amateurs with APRS. Also I followed yesterday PA3CSX in the near of Amsterdam. More information about APRS can be found here.


  1. My YL bought a GPS when we were in the States. The voice, in French language, was female French. Amusing to hear American addresses pronounced with a French accent. Really quite an amazing device. 73 Dick

  2. Afternoon Paul, I have been around but QRT for a few days. Some nice long walks with Bradley through the woods as the trees turn golden. I have heard about APRS and done a little internet tracking myself. It is good fun. Am awaiting the arrival of the Par antenna and will report back when I have some news. 73 from Adam

  3. Hello Dick, Indeed it is an amazing device. I don't need a APRS because I don't drive a car. And I transmit always from home. But I do love the technique behind it. 73, Paul

    Hello Adam, it's good to take longs walks in nature. Autumn is so beautiful. We'll hear from you when you have news. Enjoy. 73, Paul

  4. I agree if you only transmit from home APRS is not much use unless someone you know has it and you want to know where ther are! I use it if I go for a walk up one of the nearby hills to see what I can work from there, so my wife can see where I am. I can also send and receive text messages, though as she doesn't have a ham license, she can't send messages to me.

  5. Hello Julian, I think I give the YL a APRS so I can see where she hangs out all day. Hi. 73, Paul


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