Wednesday, October 21, 2009

40 meter activity

This is the shack of YU1RP Dragan from Belgrade, Serbia. I worked him on 40 meter BPSK31. Other stations I worked with BPSK31 on 40 meter this morning: RV3DB Alexander from Podolsk, Russia [2151 km]; DLØMC Peter from Oberhausen, Germany; 9A3ZC Zoran from Zagreb, Croatia; IZØMQN Ivo from Perugia, Italy and II8IYA Special call sign of International Year of Astronomy. Also did some WSPR-ing on 80 meter, I was reported by PE4BAS, DF6MK, G7JVN, DH5RAE, G4ENZ, G0KTN, PE1DCD, LA3JJ, G4SMX, DL2ZQ, PCØC, LA2XPA, and G3WPD.
This afternoon I worked GW3NYY/P Walt from Wales with CW on 40 meter. And with SSB MJ/W6XD Art from the island of Jersey.

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  1. Morgen Paul,

    I like Dragan's shack - I am very fond of these little corners of the house that we turn into radio rooms. You had some great catches on BPSK. And MJ was a nice one. I am a bit of an island-chaser. Not seriously, but if I get a new island I am excited!

    73, Adam


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