Friday, September 4, 2009

WSPR and pirates

Today I received with WSPR E6JKH (grid PA60) what is obviously a pirate. Also VXØELM or PG2CEV are probably pirates. I don't know but they are not in or other Ham registrations. My new DXCC WSPR country is OY3JE Jan from Faroe Island on 30 meter. Distance 1250 km. Maybe the very low power and invisibility invite pirates to work on these frequencies. [view log]


  1. Hi, Paul. it is a shame about piracy. i can't understand why any one would want to pirate on wspr. seems to me wspr is for the serious qrp dx person wanting to experiment. not instant gratifaction, which most pirates desire. who knows anymore...73 de dick

  2. Anonymous9/04/2009

    Good Luck getting DX in the current conditions.. I'll haev to find more about WSPR nad see if it's got a Mac Version. I run QRP here from time to time, but kinda usless with no Spots or anything.. Good Luck and Good DX!..

  3. Hi Dick, pirates are from all times. I think they want to be a ham operator. But the exams are too though for them. 73, Paul

    Hi Jeff, WSPR is a nice digital mode, I don't know if there is a Mac version. Check Joe Taylors (K1JT) site. 73, Paul

  4. Hi Paul, Much prefer the blue to the yellow on your postings page. Thanks for all your help on my blog design this weekend. I am very grateful and reckon it looks great. I would never have tackled it without your encouragement and I am glad I did as it is so individual now. 73 Adam PS Well done on getting into the Faeroe Islands on WSPR. I would like to work there or Iceland one day.

  5. Hello Adam, Now the three colours of the Dutch flag are on my blog. Playing around with a template is fun. Just have a back up of the actual template! Just do it, and when something goes wrong, put back the back up template. To work Iceland is on my wish list. 73, Paul


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