Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The CR antenna.

W3BCW reported my tiny little signal on 40 meter with WSPR and my new antenna: CR antenna. And CR stands for Curtain Rail. How low profile can a radio amateur be? I defy physical laws, and antenna theory. I just tune with the Miracle Whip a aluminum curtain rail in the living room, and I have a perfect SWR and RF output. Only from 30 meter and lower bands. 20 meter or higher doesn't work. 30 and 40 meter are perfect. After 2 minutes I was reported by W3BCW, W3HH and W9HLY (6165 7285 and 6509 km) with WSPR on 30 meter. You can't say the Curtain Rail doesn't radiate. So back to 40 meter, I heard SN7ØR with CW, I called him and he returned immediately with a 599 report. With PSK31 I worked SP2SGN and SA4AVS on 40 meter. I'm still amazed about this performance.


  1. Paul, Who would believe that your CR antenna could be so effective! Good old Miracle Whip for tuning it up. I wonder how the CR antenna will be with SSB? BTW, I have just ordered my Par End Fedz. I went for the EF10/20/40 with an extra long radiator of 66 foot which gives extra gain on 40M (my favourite band). Altogether incl postage $99 or £61. Now I only have to wait. Keep us informed of your successes with "CR" antenna! Bye for now, Adam
    PS Thanks for the email - glad you have my new address.

  2. Hello Adam, I will certainly try SSB, but conditions are so poor, that there are no readable signals at daytime. Maybe tonight. I wonder what the Par End Fedz will do. I think it's a good antenna. 73, Paul

  3. I use the same PAR 10-20-40 antenna when traveling and it works great!


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