Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten Tec Argonaut –V

I like the Ten Tec stuff. In my early days I had one, and the transceiver had a good rx. It was a Triton I, very nice one, unfortunately, I sold the rig many years ago. I looked on Youtube and find video's of the Ten Tec company, but what a poor quality video and terrible sound. [watch the video] Can't they purchase a good camera? Today's video is The Argonaut-V HF Transceiver Model 516F. And it's good to see someone with a straight keyer. Very nice equipment.


  1. Hi Paul, over the years I've had several Ten-Tec rigs. My first was a Triton. Last was the Argonaut 516. Best CW QSK ever! Unmatched! The 516 now discontinued. Rigs very expensive today, and very computer-based. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Dick, yes! That's the one. I searched on Internet for a photo http://bit.ly/1lqCK
    Thanks for reminding me. It was a pretty good transceiver. Unfortunately, I sold it. Now I do regret it.


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