Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Bazooka Antenna

The PKW Super Bazooka is a highly abridged vertical antenna without radials for 1,8-30 MHz. With its length of only 3.4 m. The Super Bazooka very suitable for amateurs with little space. It is obvious that the performance of this antenna are limited compromise. The antenna is feed by means of a broadband matching network with SO 239 connector. Stainless steel fixings. Due to highly varying impedance to high frequency spectrum is adjusted using an automatic tuner with a wide adjustment range Antenna Tuner necessary. The stand pipe should be grounded. Adriaan PE2KP has tested the Bazooka antenna, the smaller one (2,2 m in length). The Super Bazooka is with its length of 3,4 meter suitable for 160 meter. If that is true, I doubt it. But every extra length will help on the higher bands. But having small antennas is always a compromise. But when you are limited in space, you have to find another solution and is the Super Bazooka an acceptable alternative.


  1. Nice to see a picture of the Super Bazooka. I will look at Adriaan's site for the results he had with the smaller version. Personally for a full-time shack antenna I would be more inclined to look at the Par End Fedz EF10/20/40, but of course the drawback with it is that you do not have access to all the bands. Your beloved 30M band would disappear and that would be a big pity. But I spend around 80% of my time on 40M and the other 20% on 20M so the End Fedz would suit me to the ground. I can always use my existing longwire and ATU if I want other bands. 73 Paul from Adam in sunny Torquay!

  2. That super bozooka looks interesting. Let us know of the reviews. Don't think any on e-Ham yet. I think the Par 10/20/40 can be adjusted to permit 30M ops. Check with Dale at PAR to confirm.

    73 de Dick

  3. Hello Adam, That Par End Fedz could be my antenna. 40 meter is also my favorite band. So I think about it. It will be part of my wishlist.

    Hi Dick, it would be fine if it works on 30 meter too. Keep me informed, please.

    73, Paul

  4. I had one: sold it within a week.
    TX is lousy, RX is lousy. It's a cloudwarmer.
    It is better to buy a 12m flex pole from Spider and attach cheap wires (inside, outside) and create 1/4 wave GP's (40m and up).
    And if you have some space you can have inv. L's for 80/160m.

  5. @PA3C: Thats what I'm afraid of. The info from PE2KP was not too bad. But... I think of a Par End Fedz antenna. It's more reliable. 73, Paul

  6. Hallo Paul, Mooie JT9 verbinding man, dat zie je ook niet elke dag.
    verschil in de EndFed van PAR t.o.v. de EndFed van HyEndfed antennes?
    Ik ben benieuwd.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Hans, volgens mij is er nauwelijks verschil. Hetzelfde recept. 73 Paul


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