Friday, September 25, 2009

Still nothing

Despite of two sunspots, the HF bands seems to be abandoned. On 20 meter or higher is nothing to hear. On 40 meter a few stations. This morning I worked DJ3AX/P Lutz from Leinatal, Germany with CW on the 40 meter band. I saw that the status of the sun: Solar X-rays are active. What this mean for the propagations, I don't know. But I leave the rig for today. Tonight we have a dinner with the wifes old colleagues. Tomorrow night a party and Sunday evening again a dinner with my eldest son and his wife. So I avoid the scale for a few days. Hi.


  1. Afternoon Paul, Yep I have noticed the same thing really: although there is an improvement it's not an enormous improvement. I am enjoying getting my replies answered more often as I have got rather used to being mostly ignored for 8 out of every ten calls!! I haven't been on today as I took Bradley to Dawlish.

    I bought a fantastic Enclcopeadic Atlas - it is OLD but for every country in the world there is a brief but detailed entry about its history from ancient times right up to the 20th Century. I like to know about the history of countries, but I do not want to read a huge book about it, so this kind of book suits me well. It was only £1!!!!

    Enjoy your party tonight and your other appointments this week.

    Bye for now, 73 Adam

  2. Party on! You and the family. Have a great weekend. 73 de dick

  3. Adam, I too have an old pre-war gazetteer I bought many years ago for £1. It has lots of information about places all over the world. But it caused me some embarrassment with my wife Olga, who is Ukrainian. She is from Kharkov which I believed to be the capital city of Ukraine. Well it was - until about 1939! So beware, things change, even the capital cities of countries.

  4. Julian, That story made me laugh! I will try to avoid such pitfalls, but you know I still think of countries like Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and have to really focus to remind myself of the changes that have taken place and (almost) left me behind! Adam

  5. Hello Adam, I like old atlases, just when they are old. See how the world has changed in those years.

    Hello Dick, just having fun, but I need some sleep now...

    Hello Julian, those first impressions. Hi.

    73, Paul


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