Monday, September 21, 2009


What can one do when there are no good conditions for SSB or CW contacts? PSK31 is a good option. Or digimodes in particular. The amateur bands are abandoned at daytime, especially the higher bands. I turned on WSPR this morning and the unmanned station did his job. I saw LA6TPA regular in my reports. Normally I watch for a WSPR DX, but it's also nice to see what the signal is doing to one station or grid. In this case LA6TPA. It is just a try, because I had to do a lot of other things today, such as gardening and painting. But I can think of serious investigations about propagation during dawn or nightfall and what it does to the SNR. So I can do something meaningful with my QRP rig, waiting for sunspot cycle 24 to start.

Tonight I worked with BPSK31 on 40 meter UA2FHZ, Anatoly from Kaliningrad, Russia. With WSPR I jumped the big pond K1JT and W1XP.


  1. Paul, as usual you make a great case for digi-modes. WSPR in particular. 73 de dick

  2. Morning Paul, Interesting there is a sunspot coming round. I will log onto Space Weather & have a look for it. Well done on your Russian PSK. It's a nice mode isn't it? I'm glad I have the equipment at my disposal for when I feel like a PC generated QSO. I too am struggling both day & night to make any contacts. So I keep the 703 switched off for a couple of days and am getting on with a prompt card of basic phrases required to make a friendly QSO in French, German & Spanish. It is now laminated and looks really cool. Now all I need is that sunspot!!!!! 73 Adam


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