Thursday, September 17, 2009

QSL cards

Back in the seventies I had a paper QSL card. I send a lot around the world by the bureau. I got plenty back. They end up in shoe-boxes, and finally in the attic behind a wall. I never hang them at the wall. Why I don't like paper QSL? 1. I must find a printing company. 2. I think it is too expensive. 3.I must sort the cards into the correct order, otherwise they won't be accepted by the qsl manager. 4. Receiving cards takes too long, sometimes years! 5. I have to pick up the qsl cards by the qsl manager. I have to bike a few miles. It is like snail mail. It takes toooooo long. So I like eQSL because it is the new way of arrange things at home. Fast and easy.

A Quote by N2UGB:
"If all that matters in the world is one more award then, perhaps, another QSL-road might be taken. I am not a paper chaser. I use eQSL to say hello and thanks for the QSO. Nothing more. I get great satisfaction sending and receiving them. I've received paper QSLs in the mail that have had the contact info computer generated. Is this any better? I don't think so. But they are appreciated and direct-mail responded to." From

Or a Quote by K2NCC
"What an amazing service!
You get printable QSL cards, online logbook, QSO schedule requests, propagation forecaster, plenty of ham-related resources, easy to use interface; All this for free! Add a bunch more features for just a few bucks a year.
I recommend using it, even if you're a hard-core paper QSL collector. Remember, not everyone else is. Some people live in places where they're lucky to have a radio, let alone pay for DX postage. The hobby shouldn't be about how many 30-second QSOs you can verify."

I don't print the eQSL cards. Then the whole thing starts again. Shoe-boxes, they wander around everywhere. And the print quality is poor. So I store it om my computer, made a back up on a USB stick. And put them on my web site so other amateurs can watch my collection if they want to. I don't bother if not every QSO ended up in a QSL card. I am happy with the QSL cards I get, but I don't get depressed when I don't get one. What counts is the QSO itself, that's the main meal, a QSL card is only a dessert.


  1. Hallo Paul, FANTASTIC entry on eQSLs. I agree with every comment you made. eQSLing is the way of the future.

    At the last count had saved 26,676 trees. That's an awful lot.

    As Dick said, it is a way of saying "hello" and "thanks for the QSO". Nothing more.

    I think the FREE eQSL service is fantastic. I always smile in recognition of the QSO when I see a new card in my inbox.

    From Winlog32, each time I make a new log entry the programme is set up to ask me if I want to upload the log to eQSL. I then quickly log on to eQSL and make a personal comment. It's that simple. No importing/exporting of ADIFs each week/month.

    Well done for telling the world about the wonderful benefits of eQSL. 73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, I really enjoy eQSL. And the wire is back on. Now I can work on 20 meter as well. I worked a few stations today, 2 with CW. How is your CW progress? Have a nice day, 73 Paul

  3. CW progress VERY slow! Not realy enjoying it if I have to be honest! I admire people like Dick, John (Spiker) and yourself who have taken the time & trouble to learn it and know it well enough to enjoy a QSO. Perhaps it is something to get cracking with over the winter months. 73 Adam

  4. Hello Adam, in the beginning it's very hard to learn. But if you spend a half hour a day of listen to CW (learning program) slow speed and when you recognize after a few months the first characters as words then it will be fun. But it is always difficult in the beginning. The best way is to learn with a group. To encourage each other and push to carry on when you want to stop the whole thing. Studying alone is always difficult. Good luck, 73 Paul

  5. I totally agree. In fact, one of the oldest articles on my website is about eQSLing.


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