Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I had a sked with Adam M6RDP with PSK31 on 40 meter. At 20.00 UTC I called and listen, but did not hear Adam. I saw F/PA1ALG/P calling Adam, so I knew he was there, but still nothing to hear. Next time better, after that I had a QSO with 9A3IJ Kruno from Osijek, Croatia, and MØEDY, Eddy from Exmouth Devon, UK. Almost near Adam's place! And CU2AO Carlos from Ponta Delgada, St. Miguel Island, Azores. half way the QSO an Italian station came on top of our QSO, so I lost CU2AO. That's a pity. With WSPR 22.16 UTC reported by G8JNJ on 160 meter.


  1. Trying to remember the call-sign of the Azores station I worked on 30M cw a week or so ago. Doesn't come to mind. Good catches there, Paul.
    73 de Dick

  2. Shame we didn't make it through for the short skip across, but never mind. Eddy was the man who came to my shack and commented on the lack of signals on my longwire. Very friendly chap. He is very eco-friendly and green. Uses EQSL exclusively. He recently gave me a printer! I am glad you had a QSO with him. I think he has the G5RV in his garden and runs full power. Exmouth is a lovely little town by the sea. Bradley loves it!!! 73 Adam

  3. Hi Dick: what about your logbook? The Dutch Authorities demand every time I been on air to be logged. Even the WSPR are in my logbook. 73, Paul

    Hi Adam, we try another time. Someday we will succeed. 73, Paul


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