Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not bad today

Conditions were not too bad today, I could work at least a few CW stations. And the outside wire is back on. With CW I worked: SNØPL on 20 meter, and on 40 meter OM4KW and LY2PX. With PSK31 OM7OM (received his eQSL) LA7MNA both on 30 meter, II2ANA and S54JK on 40 meter. I heard A41LD (Oman) with SSB on 40 meter, but I didn't try to work him because of pile up. Now it's time to go to bed. See you. 73, Paul


  1. Nice contacts there. Good to have Dick in Europe. Off to Dawlish so no radio today. Have a good day. 73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, have a nice day. 73, Paul


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