Monday, September 14, 2009

No Wire

I have to strip my wire antenna for a few days because they are cutting branches from the trees before my house. So I have to remove the wire before they cut my antenna wire. Today I received a few new eQSL cards. And I uploaded my license to eQSL for a AG status. I have to find an another solution. Maybe my curtain rail. I like the video with the old tube AM radio.


  1. Hello Julian, yes, I do have a Magnetic Loop for indoors. But I defy all laws of physics, so I tuned a curtain rail, and with WSPR I was reported by Stations from the USA about 6000-7000 km. And with PSK31 I worked Poland and Sweden. Hi. Thanks for visiting my site, 73, Paul

  2. Hi Paul, When I was first licensed I put 5-6M of wire around the curtains and worked a few stations, but sounds like your tuned curtain rail is doing the job!!!!!! Are the tree cutters making a lot of noise? Still captivated by the strange and lovely radio books story by Peter Terrin on RNW. 73 Adam

  3. Hello Adam, I was just in time to uncouple my wire antenna. Tree cutters are making a lot of noise. But the curtain rail is doing a good job. Hi.
    73, Paul


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