Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nice equipment #1

Nice equipment. Not in production anymore. What a pity. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Paul, I had TWO and will regret forever having sold them. I was concerned about service and repair. When they discontinued production, the hourly rate sky-rocketed and turn-around time became unacceptable. The rig was built like a tank, cast-aluminum. Wish I hadn't read your post, hi. 73 Dick

  2. Hello Dick, what a pity you sold them. But I know the feeling, because I sold a lot of nice equipment myself, years ago. A Yeasu FT101, a Trio general coverage receiver, Ten Tec Triton I, A Sommerkamp FT 277E HF transceiver, a very good 2 meter all mode Base Transceiver (I forgot what type), I regret them all. 73, Paul


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