Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monitoring 500 KHz

Last night I was monitoring 500 KHz for radio amateurs. I was curious if my antenna could pick up low frequencies. I read about it by Roger G3XBM. And yes, I received the WSPR signal from SM6BHZ, 2 watt, distance 725 km. Not bad at all. I received also a station called OL7OOI, could be a station from the Czech Republic or a pirate. Unfortunately, I can not transmit on the low frequencies. I will certainly listen on 136 KHz and look for radio amateurs. I am still a SWL, I was for many years back then. More and more I got interested by the lower frequencies instead of higher bands such as 20 meter or higher. The only problem is my antenna. Last year I am active also on 40 meter and I love that band. Before that I was only qrv on 20 meter or higher. The Solar Flux rises up to 76! Wow, that was a long time ago. We must take advantage of this situation.

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