Friday, September 11, 2009


As a radio amateur you have to log your transmissions in a logbook. In the early days I used a paper logbook. But when I was back again after many years I wanted to use my computer for logs. First I tried Ham Radio deLuxe, with a beautiful log program on board. But when my system was crashing and install Win XP again I could not import properly a good back up. Though I made one, I was missing a lot of data. Help. I thought I could trust my back up. Since then I made a simple spreadsheet in Excel, I put a back up on a USB stick and no problem at all. Since August 2008 till now I had 3 call signs. The Dutch QSL manager is going crazy: who is that man? I put a new service on my web site: my simple logbook entries are visible. (Life itself is complicated enough) So, over the period PA9B, PAØPSY and PC4T my logbook can be consulted by other radio amateurs. (See sidebar on the right) Today I downloaded XMlog, because it can convert to ADIF files. Have any one experiences with this program? Can it be used for eQSL? Or can it be used for uploading files for a contest? Please let me know. Also on my site (Sidebar) a link to my on-line logbook WSPR activities. I will only blog special WSPR calls such as DX. Have a nice weekend! And who knows: maybe a nice QRP contact shows up.


  1. Hi Paul, No experience with XM Log, but I use WINLOG32. It is free and it is fantastic! I have experimented with loads of logs and this has to be the best. I too wanted one that links to eQSL. With WINLOG32 you can set it up in such a way that when you enter a new log, before you press "enter" it will prompt you "Do you want to upload this log to eQSL?". I upload every one this way. I think you can have it put every log onto eQSL without asking, but I like some degree of control over the process. There is plenty of room for comments, AND, if you enter the QRA Locator as the first item in the comments and then export the log as an ADIF into HYAM Radio Deluxe it will display your contacts on a world map. So each week I search my log for the last 7 days contacts, export the search results as an ADIF and import them into HRD. Finally, on WINLOG32 you can set it up to ask if you want a back up each time you close it. You then just select a USB port as your default and it will always back up to that port - just insert your USB stick first. I highly recommend WINLOG 32. Just email me if you want any help or have any questions about it. Adam

  2. Hello Adam, I just tried XMlog but I think it is not not what I meant. Certainly I will look for WINLOG32. I am not yet a member of eQSL, but I think I will. I read on their web site that the log must be uploaded to eQSL. I must be a dummy at that point, but how is your log connected with Ham Radio deLuxe? And why don't you use the logbook of HRL? Indeed I need your help with this. Another question: I have a CAT cable for the FT817 but what are the institutions in your FT817 for working with PSK31. I tried PSK31 with Ham Radio deLuxe but I didn't succeed. Maybe you give me information by mail how to do such things. 73, Paul

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