Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I was listening on 40 meter and heard Henk PA7TWO calling CQ DX. His signal was strong so he must be in the neighborhood. His QTH is Alkmaar, that is nearby my QTH. It is always nice to catch a PA station on HF.

The weather is changing. The summer, though alright and very fine, is gone. We have overcast and a bit drizzling rain. Temperatures are dropping to normal values for this time of year. The parasol is in the barn, so we are making up for autumn. Also very nice time of the year for making walks along the beach or in the forest.

I worked this morning GW1INK/P summits from the air, South Wales on 40 meter SSB. He had a strong signal 59 here. Also worked GWØFJQ Alun from Gelli Rhondda, Wales.


  1. Morgen Paul! Yeah, I know what you mean. I like hearing G (M) stations on 40M. Had a chat with Brian the other day and right in the middle of our conversation the conditions closed down and we lost ctc. Had to finish by email! Good night at the club last night. Did a bit of morse, had a cup of tea, and talked about going to EA-land on the ferry to Santander and operating /P from there. They want to take tents. Me, I prefer a nice comfortable hotel with sheets and a hot bath!! 73 Adam

  2. I hope that 40 meters will serve me well later. The Cote d'Azur is about as south as it gets in France. So a longer distance to the UK and NL. Hope we can make a two-way eventually. I had nearly four years of operating from tents when I was a GI. That was enough for me, thank you. 73 de dick

  3. Good morning Adam, I don't like camping either. I prefer a bungalow or apartment, good food and warm bed. 73, Paul

  4. Hello Dick, when I was answering Adam, I saw your comment. Hi. Well 40 meter is good for short skip in autumn and winter. Today is the short skip good to Wales and Germany. Maybe when you are in St. Raphael we could make a cw qso on 40 meter at night. Have a nice day, 73 Paul


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