Thursday, September 24, 2009

I heard Mike GMØCME from Gardenstown, Scotland, UK on 40 meter with SSB this afternoon. He was S9 with me, I got a 57 with QSB. Very nice signal indeed. Distance 750 km. Also worked I3BZK ssb 40 m; LAØHK ssb 40 m; and OE3FPA/QRP PSK31 40m;
WSPR DX: VK6POP 14168 km 40 m 5 watt. [View log]


  1. Halo Paul, Gardenstown looks perfect. I would love to live in such a QTH! Instead we have noise, terraces, too much traffic and, on Monday night, kids jumping on the bus shelter and cheering when another sheet of glass shatters. Give me Gardenstown anyday! It's great to have some more life in the hambands isn't it. Let's pour ourselves a pastis like Dick and celebrate! I wonder, perhaps this is the peak of cycle 24?? Glad you have finished the painting now. Enjoy this Indian Summer. 73 for now, Adam

  2. Hello Adam, Gardenstown looks alright. That's the place to be. I've been in Scotland and North-England in the early nineties. I loved it there. Yes, the Indian summer is great. And no, I hope not this is the peak. Hi. 73, Paul

  3. I noticed the solar flux fell a few numbers again today....

    Had a few nice contacts in the early morning hours the other day but it's falling back again now.

    Radio'ing is a lot like never know for sure what's out there till you throw the line in the water.

    Good catch there!

    John N8ZYA


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