Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HF Propagation Prediction Tool

A very nice HF Propagation Prediction Tool by NØNBH. It automatically find you coordinates by ip address. You can choose for short path or long path. Lower frequencies or just the higher frequencies. So it is a helpful tool and I use it for a few weeks now.
WSPR: Yesterday I was reported by GM4SLV (Shetland Islands) on 40 meter. And this morning W3XP on 40 meter, 5549 km.
BPSK31: 8SØPSK 20 m; RV3WT 20 m; G6BFI 30 m, ON3GTS 30 m; PBØACU 40 m;


  1. Goedemorgen! I like Prediction programs and I will be sure to check out the one by N0NBH. Shetland Islands looks a lovely place. I would like to live on those remote Scottish Islands. Bidding on a par of Delft Clogs in 5 mins on EBay! 73 Adam

  2. Hello Adam, Those Islands looks very nice. I could live there, no problem. My neighbor walks on clogs when he's at home, but it's little bit noisy. See you tonight on 7039 KHz!

  3. Next Spring, if possible, I will certainly get into WSPR. Will find another laptop for the net etc., and use this old laptop for ham use...WSPR. Again great catches, Paul. Getting a bit envious.

    Hello Adam.

    73 to you both.

  4. Hello Dick, and the WSPR with a basic QSO possibility is on his way. That makes it truly wonderful.


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