Thursday, September 3, 2009


About 16.00 hours local time I heard HB9VELO working on 40 meter. It was the only station I heard. It was pretty quiet on 40 meter. So I called him (SSB). He came back for me with a 59 report. Sometimes I don't understand the propagations.


  1. Wow, that would make a nice QSL card for my collection! I think after I have filled up my first folder of paper QSLs I might do as Dick did and revert 100% to eQSLs. BTW, thanks for your help on my blog. Have a good day, Adam

  2. @Adam: though I am a member of VERON QSL buro, I also think about eQSL. I can arrange all the QSL info from home. That's what I like about it. Have also a nice day, 73, Paul


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