Monday, September 7, 2009


This morning at 5.30 UTC I was WSPR-ing on 30 meter and was spotted by W3HH, from Ocala, Florida. Distance 7285 km. Most Americans I worked are from the North East Coast. Now I will collected the states. The best time to work Florida is 11-12.00 hours UTC.

This morning I heard SSB stations on 30 meter (10.139.91 MHz) just in the WSPR section of the 30 meter band. I think they speak France, but I don't speak France, so what is it all about? [listen to a fragment]


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  2. Hi Paul,

    I don't think it's French. Sounds more like a language from Eastern Europe or even more east.

    And great to read that you have established a new QRP-DX-Record this weekend!

    73, Elmar PD3EM

  3. I follow RADIOAMATEUR.ORG a French language ham site. There have been complaints by the French hams of some bootlegger using ssb on the upper portion of 30 meters. With the easy availibility of amateur radio gear, a lot of truckers,and now commercial fisherman are operating illegially on the ham bands. 73 de Dick


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